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Paternity / Paternity Tests

DNA Testing to Prove Parentage

A paternity test is an important legal step in a number of situations. You may wish to prove your parentage to seek custody rights. As a mother, you may wish to prove paternity to enforce child support payments. No matter what your objective, an experienced family law attorney can answer your questions and help enforce your rights.

Attorney Debra S. Frank is a family lawyer with years of experience. She is skilled and experienced at helping mothers and fathers in paternity cases. Contact the West Los Angeles law firm by calling 310-874-1220.

Paternity and Mothers

Paternity matters can be emotional and awkward for mothers. However uncomfortable this issue may be, any mother understands the importance of legally establishing a child's father. The law firm of Debra S. Frank understands that, and offers legal services tailored to meet the needs of mothers in this situation.

Mothers can seek a Complaint to Establish Parental Relations, which orders a male to submit to DNA testing. Once paternity has been established, the mother has legal recourse to seek child support payments.

Paternity testing in California is confidential. It is possible to establish paternity and enforce your parental rights with minimal exposure.

Addressing the Needs of Fathers and Alleged Fathers

When a child is born to unmarried parents in California, it is necessary for a male to establish paternity before seeking visitation or child custody rights. Even if a father signed a voluntary declaration of paternity in the hospital, disclosure by the mother that the alleged father is not the child's biological father can complicate the situation.

If you are a father or alleged father looking to establish paternity through a DNA test, father's rights attorney Debra S. Frank can help. Even if you are the biological father of the child, you have no legal rights until paternity is established.

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To find out how family law attorney Debra S. Frank can help you in a paternity matter, contact the Westside law firm today.

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