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California Community Property

Protecting Your Right to Assets and Property

California community property laws recognize that both parties in a marriage have an equal claim to assets earned during the marriage, barring any prenuptial agreement. Assets such as property, retirement accounts, businesses and savings earned or purchased with community money during the marriage, need to be divided in the event of a divorce. How that split is done, how those assets are valued and how you ensure that your partner is being forthcoming and accurate about financial issues, however, requires an experienced attorney.

Attorney Debra S. Frank puts a premium on protecting her clients' rights to receive fair property division judgments or settlements. She has the reputation, the experience and the knowledge to work with clients and address their various needs.

For more information about California community property and equitable distribution laws, contact the West Los Angeles firm today by calling 310-874-1220.

Handling the Issues of Community Property and Equitable Division

Attorney Debra S. Frank has a deep understanding of complicated asset division and community property issues. With a network of professional contacts, she is able to build sound strategies during an adversarial divorce. She also handles community property disputes using strategies such as:

  • Asset tracking
  • Working with forensic accountants
  • Property investigation
  • Identification and distribution of assets
  • Business valuation
  • Tracing separate and community property assets
  • Discovering sources of funds
  • Discovering personal property
  • Uncovering hidden assets

A reputation that matters
Attorney Debra S. Frank has worked with organizations that have provided comments to the legislature on proposed family law legislation related to California's divorce laws. She has spoken publicly and has been published in peer-reviewed materials on the topics of family law and finances.

Work With a Leader in California Family Law

Contact a lawyer to obtain a better understanding of California community property laws and to learn how you can protect your right to marital assets.

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