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Modification of Custody & Support

Representation for Changing Needs

Life can change dramatically in a moment and it is unlikely that the situation you and your partner were in at the time of your divorce is the same as the situation you are in now. Even the best custody or support agreement is based in some part on expectations for the future and our expectations for the future don't always match reality.

When your life or the life of your ex-spouse has changed dramatically, one of you may need to readdress the custody, visitation or support agreements. When that happens, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side to make sure that your interests are being protected. Los Angeles-based attorney Debra S. Frank has been a leader in California family law for more than two decades and is ready to lead you through this complex situation.

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Circumstances Requiring a Modification of Support or Custody

There are a number of reasons that may warrant a modification of child support or child custody:

  • Significant change in income
  • Remarriage
  • Relocation to a new city or state
  • Failure to meet current support obligations
  • Being charged or convicted of a crime
  • Failure to disclose all assets when the original agreement was formed
  • Unanticipated custody issues

You may need a lawyer to work with you on modification matters if any of these changes have occurred. Attorney Debra S. Frank will work closely with you on financial matters and custody issues, putting her professional resources and experience behind your representation. Whether you need assistance to uncover changes in your former spouse's income or ability to pay, or you have a situation in your life that requires an alteration to the agreement, attorney Debra S. Frank can help.

Put a Leading Los Angeles Lawyer to Work for You

Contact a lawyer with years of experience in family law matters to protect your interests when unanticipated changes force you to reexamine and make modifications to custody or support agreements.

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