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Interstate Custody

Moving Out of State with a Child

Many parents have questions about interstate custody: Can I move out-of-state with my child? Can I prevent my ex from moving to another state and taking my child with? My child is already living in another state — what options do I have for getting him or her back?

Every day, Debra S. Frank answers questions like these related to interstate custody. Whether you are looking to move with your child or wish to object to a move-away situation, Attorney Debra S. Frank can provide you with answers to your questions and aggressive advocacy. Contact the West Los Angeles firm today by calling 310-874-1220.

Out-of-state Relocation with a Child

California family courts do not have firm laws pertaining to interstate custody. Rather, they look at each case individually, making all determinations in the best interests of the child.

The courts will consider the reason for the move and how it will affect the child. If a parent is moving out of state for a job opportunity and the move could have a positive impact on the child, the relocation may be granted.

When a parent relocates with a child, modifications of child custody and visitation will likely be required. A current custody or visitation arrangement will no longer be applicable due to the change in circumstances. Attorney Debra S. Frank can help you with all the components of your interstate custody matter.

The law firm also represents parents in international child custody proceedings. Attorney Debra S. Frank has a thorough understanding of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and how it pertains to California parents.

Are you looking to move away from the Los Angeles area with your child? Do you wish to object to a move-away situation, and have questions about your rights? Contact a divorce lawyer at the West Los Angeles law firm today.

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