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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

An Attorney Who Understands Complex Financial Matters

Not everyone plays fair in a divorce.

As a partner in a marriage, you should be able to expect your spouse isn't taking unnecessary risks with your finances or worse, isn't trying to sabotage your right to community property. California law recognizes that outside of a prenuptial agreement, both partners in a marriage have equal access to the property, income and assets earned from each party's efforts and/or purchased with community monies during that marriage.

Los Angeles Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer

Debra S. Frank works with forensic accountants and other experts who can provide investigation, valuation and testimony when you suspect your spouse may have breached his or her fiduciary duty to you and your marriage.

Attorney Debra S. Frank is diligent and will examine the details of your case to determine whether there is full disclosure regarding marital assets and asset management. She will evaluate your case and hire appropriate experts to discover fiduciary breaches.

Working With Clients of All Needs

Attorney Debra S. Frank has the experience and knowledge to work with executive clients or their spouses, and can put the resources together to ensure that all assets are uncovered and any breach of fiduciary duty is revealed. Attorney Debra S. Frank also works with entertainment professionals and can handle issues involving intellectual property or residuals.

Contact Us today to work with a lawyer who has the experience to be effective, the attitude to provide client satisfaction, and the knowledge to understand complicated financial issues.

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