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High Net Worth Divorce

Complex Divorce

A divorce can become significantly more complicated when business ownership, high incomes, hidden assets and other issues are at play. The West Los Angeles law firm of Debra S. Frank, located in Century City, is uniquely prepared to handle high-net-worth divorces. For years, Attorney Debra S. Frank has been helping clients finalize their divorces in an efficient, responsive and cost-effective way.

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High-net-worth Divorce

Any number of issues may complicate a high-net-worth divorce:

  • Marital asset valuation
  • Business valuation
  • Debt division
  • Hidden assets
  • Alimony/ spousal support
  • Family business/ closely-held business division

Having a prenuptial agreement may make the divorce process more straightforward. However, the experience of your attorney is perhaps the greatest tool to prepare for the potentially lengthy and complicated divorce proceedings.

No divorce is without its complications. However, a high-net-worth divorce may have more complicating factors. Find out about the divorce process in California.

Prepared to Handle Complex Divorce

Attorney Debra S. Frank is a highly regarded family law attorney in the Los Angeles area. While many attorneys avoid high-conflict divorce cases, Attorney Debra S. Frank has a passion for working in complicated matters of family law, in particular, financial issues, property division and asset protection. In addition to applying her experience and knowledge to each case, she works with a network of experts to provide clients with multi-faceted representation.

Putting a Solid Reputation to Work for You

To find out how lawyer Frank's experience and reputation can be used to your advantage, contact the Westside law firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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